Chapter President of the Year (CPY)

To be eligible, the candidate must currently serve as president for the 2016–17 program year.
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2017 CPY Submission Criteria

  • Submittal Requirements
  • Judging Criteria and Scoring
  • Preparing Your CPY Submittal
  • Award

To be eligible, the candidate must currently serve as president for the 2016–17 program year.
All nominations must be made by a current SMPS member.

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  • PDF submittal must be received on or before the deadline of February 2, 2018.
  • Print submittal must be received on or before deadline of February 9, 2018.
  • Reporting time period is September 1, 2016–August 31, 2017.
  • Must submit 1 high quality print-ready PDF copy and 1 print copy of your submittal.
  • Include 1 Chapter Awards Application as first page of PDF.
  • Submit a 500 word or less executive summary.
  • In a total of 5 pages or less (not including tabs, covers, letters of support, or addenda), submit a synopsis describing how the nominee initiated or influenced each of the 5 criteria listed on the opposite page during his or her term. Samples of documents supporting any of the 5 items may be included in an addenda. Addenda, if included, is limited to 30 pages and should provide supplemntal information only, not content.
  • All pages must be submitted on 8½ x 11 paper.
  • Must use a minium 10-point font size for the executive summary and main criteria content.
  • Address all items in the exact order of the criteria provided, noting headings and subcategories. If you do not have a response for a specific criteria item, please do not skip the item; rather indicate such in your response or describe your future plans to add the item to your programming.
  • Copyright. Please abide by copyright laws when creating your submittal, especially regarding your submittal theme, images, etc. Copyright infringement occurs when the copyright owner’s rights are violated. If you have obtained approval, the letter must be included with your award submittal.

Failure to comply with the submittal requirements listed above can result in disqualification by

c/o Natalie Gozzard
123 N. Pitt Street, #400
Alexandria, VA 22314
703.549.6117, x226

SMPS CPY Submittal DropBox:
Password: smps



PDF submittal must be received on or before February 2, 2018.
Please place PDF in DropBox (password: smps) by the deadline.
Print submittal must be received on or before February 9, 2018.


Please submit the Chapter President of the Year submittal in electronic format (high quality print-ready PDF) and 1 print copy (for purposes of display at conferences and other events). PDF only will be used to judge submissions.

Web Review

Judges may visit chapter website to confirm information presented in submittal.

Preparation Info

Please review the submittal preparation information included in this document. This information will provide clarity on specific criteria points that may need further explanation.

Executive Summary

In 500 words or less, please summarize why your chapter’s president should be awarded Chapter President of the Year. Please provide examples that demonstrate how the chapter’s success could not have been possible without your nominee’s thoughtful and strategic leadership. This is your opportunity to help the judges get to know the nominee and to better understand their focus and strategy for the year that made a monumental positive impact on your chapter.

Total possible points: 100

  1. Leadership (20 Points)
    Discuss and provide examples of how the nominee’s leadership style contributed to the success of the chapter, its leaders, and members. Demonstrate the nominee’s role as a chapter leader and discuss their impact on the chapter and industry overall. How did they motivate, inspire, and organize people? What vision did they set for the chapter and how did they align their board and chapter volunteers to accomplish it?  Actions and results might include but are not limited to: fostered an environment among chapter members and volunteers where new ideas and approaches were embraced and fostered; set a course to advance the chapter into the future; helped the chapter cope with change; impacted the chapter and industry overall; and motivated and inspired chapter leaders to be their best.
  2. Chapter Management (20 Points)
    Discuss and provide examples of how the nominee led the chapter with purpose to achieve or enhance its stability while demonstrating effective chapter management. Actions and results might include but are not limited to: operations to strengthen chapter infrastructure; changing course to recover from a financial challenge or continuation of a positive trend; creation of new revenue streams; implementation of programs to attract all stakeholders; development or refinement of processes or programs for recruiting and training future chapter leaders; and strategic investment and/or use of reserves.
  3. Society Awareness (20 Points)
    Discuss and provide examples of how the nominee increased visibility and awareness of the Society and advocated for the profession of marketing and business development. Actions and results might include but are not limited to: publicity and promotion of the Society through a variety of communications and PR channels; encouragement/support of chapter members in their efforts to advocate for the Society; collaboration with other organizations; and other activities that advance the profession of marketing and business development in the chapter’s market and/or industry.
  4. Membership (20 Points)
    Discuss and provide examples of how the nominee participated in membership activities including member engagement and recruitment and retention efforts. Actions and results might include but are not limited to: implementation of recruitment/retention strategies and results; value promotion; engagement of new members; and understanding and addressing needs of all members.
  5. Chapter Programming and Events (10 Points)
    Discuss and provide examples of how the nominee developed, influenced, or oversaw the creation of chapter programming and events to deliver value to its members. Provide specific examples of how it supports the Society’s mission and vision. Actions and results might include but are not limited to: alignment of educational programming and events with the 6 Domains of Practice; implementation of member onboarding and/or campaigns; creation of new programming or other initiatives; and alignment of programs and events with needs of chapter members and prospects.
  6. Letters of Support (10 Points)
    Please provide three letters of support from SMPS members detailing the nominee’s leadership style, how leadership excellence was demonstrated, and how the nominee influenced change and created success. At least two letters should be from the nominee’s 2016-17 chapter board members or volunteers. The remaining letter may be from any SMPS chapter member. Each letter of support is limited to two pages. No more than three letters will be accepted.

The information below will help provide clarity on specific criteria that may need further explanation. Also provided are sample calculations, metrics, and information to assist with the reporting process. These are meant to assist you and should not limit the information you include in your CPY submittal.

Did your chapter also submit for SFE? If yes, please make sure the data, statistics, and metrics included in your chapter’s SFE submittal are the same as what is reflected in your CPY submittal.


  • Include year-to-year comparisons, metrics, statistics, charts, and graphs to tell your story
  • Include membership calculations

When calculating membership statistics, we encourage you to use the monthly statistical reports SMPS emails each month. These reports are saved in the All Chapter Leaders community of MySMPS in the Membership Statistical Reports folder. Calling SMPS to verify data is highly encouraged.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Provide financial statement and/or budget including year-to-year comparison
  • Statement about chapter reserves (also found in Finance and Administration section of SMPS Chapter Manual)

All chapters should maintain and grow a cash reserve during good times to help continue their activities and programs during tough times. Just as we all try to keep savings available for emergencies or save up for a special purchase, a chapter needs a “nest egg.” Chapters need to be able to cover expenses if a program fails to generate enough income to offset its cost, to supplement income if there is a decline in membership due to an economic downturn, and to fund special projects that may exceed the resources available in a single year.

Even though SMPS chapters are “non-profit” corporations, this does not mean that chapters cannot make money on their operations. Non-profit really means that no individuals can profit by receiving distributions of income from chapter activities. As long as any surplus income is not paid to individual officers or members, chapters can earn profits and accumulate reserve funds without incurring penalties or jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

The amount of your chapter’s reserve fund can vary greatly depending upon chapter size or plans for any long-term special projects or programs, and upon the chapter’s ability to generate surplus funds from its regular programs to add to its reserves. A good long-range target for your reserve fund balance is between 30% and 50% of your annual budget, but proceed slowly so you do not charge your current members unreasonably to provide for the possible needs of future members. Even a three-month equivalent is a very comfortable reserve for many SMPS chapters.


Award will be given to an individual who meets the criteria and who has gone above and beyond in the leadership of their chapter. A CPY will not necessarily be awarded each year.

Prize winner will receive:

  • 1 Build Business conference registration
  • Coverage in the Marketer and Marketer Quicklook
  • Chapter President of the Year Award crystal
  • Reserved table at 2018 Awards Gala Reception in San Diego, CA

Calculating Membership Retention
Retention rate measures the number of members kept over a given period of time—usually during a fiscal or calendar year; however, for purposes of CPY, activity is based on the award year which is May 1–April 30.

Total number of members this year minus 12 month total of new members divided by the total number of members at end of last year.

Assume the following for Chapter X:
(Regular member total does not include Student, Emeritus, or Life members)

  • August 31, 2016: 170 regular member total
  • August 31, 2017: 159 regular member total
  • August 2016 through August 2017 (12 months): 34 new regular membersThe following calculation would apply: (159-34)/170 = .73 or 73%

Calculating Percentage of Membership Growth
Growth rate measures percentage of change in a given period of time.

Regular member total as of August 31, 2017 minus member total as of August 31, 2016 divided by the member total as of August 31, 2016 equals the percentage of growth for 12 months

Assume the following for Chapter X:
(Regular member total does not include Student, Emeritus, or Life members.)

  • August 31, 2017: 292 regular member total
  • August 31, 2016: 249 regular member totalThe following calculation would apply: (292-249)/249 = 17.27% Growth

Ready to calculate your chapter’s retention rate?
Call SMPS HQ for accurate data: 800.292.7677, x226
Email: [email protected]